Posted on August 12, 2017


Meet Fleur Wood! She’s our In-House Stylist at White & Co. and comes to us with a wealth of experience dressing the women (and men) of Melbourne. Fleur is on hand at our East Malvern Showroom to offer practical advice on how to look your best.

Read on to find out more about this wardrobe wizard…

Who are you and what do you do?

I am a Melbourne based personal stylist aiming to help Women and Men feel their best every day by understanding the way clothing can make you feel.
I’ve had 15 years experience in the fashion industry and love being around people, so with my knowledge of body shapes, styling and fabrication I decided to start How To Wear It and haven't looked back. I also run Style Workshops at companies. The aim is to educate their staff on how to dress for work keeping in mind dress codes are a thing of the past but you still need to look polished and professional. 

Are you happy with your work/life balance?

I love it! It has taken a while to get to this point but the hard work has certainly paid off. Although it's busy juggling a new business and a 6 month old baby, with the support of my husband, friends and family I manage to make it work. I feel so lucky that I have been able to turn my passion into my job. And most importantly it allows me to be able to spend precious time with our baby, Lily. Time flies so I figure it's important to do what you love and spend time with people you love.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise people.

That I actually can sit still.... Yoga and meditation helps. I don't spend much time on the couch (life is far too short for it and who has the time!) but I do like a bit of downtime in between running around.

What makes you get up and want to dance?

Anything by The Rolling Stones and being around my favourite people... oh and a few glasses of champagne helps! ;-)

What are your favourite White & Co pieces?

That's a hard one!!! But I do love their basic tees. You can never have enough. Currently I am obsessed with The Middles Tee - it's pretty much the perfect white tee. Also the Willow Lace Top with the Harper Jeans is one of my favourite looks and the new Isabelle Jacket - that is just amazing!

To book a FREE personalised consultation with Fleur for you or a group of friends please email:

Posted on July 28, 2017


This month we sat down with Di and Claire, the dynamic duo behind Twofold Projects . An Interior Styling business committed to enriching people’s lives with textures, objects, furniture and art!

Who are you and what do you do?

Twofold Projects is a partnership between friends Dianne Sweeney and Claire Cau-Cecile.
Essentially we share an aesthetic for enriching people's spaces with textures, objects, furniture and art.
We refer to ourselves as stylists and we work on a variety of projects both big and small. Some months we may be updating a small single room apartment, other times it's a quick make over for the sale of a property. We also work with architects and builders on complete new projects and renovations which can involve everything from interior fit outs, joinery specifications, liaising with landscape designers and often even furnishing the new home for the owners.
We love to incorporate vintage pieces into our jobs, whether it be a light fitting or an item of furniture, this special piece often sets the tone for the project.

Are you happy with your work/life balance?

Our work and life really do merge into one. As we do love the industry we work in, we would ideally like a little more time to concentrate on the work side, but as we also value our important roles as mothers (Claire has 2 young children, and Dianne has 4). We are fortunate that we can dictate our own hours and be available for our busy children. Claire also consults to a start up company called A Perfect Space, so there is lots of juggling that goes on and we support each other 100% like all good partnerships.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise people.

Dianne doesn’t like talking about herself so I am going to say it would be that she is a great long distance runner and ran the New York Marathon in 2015 in an amazing time, and I pretty sure she didn’t even build up a sweat! She also used to kick some serious butt in the world of design and advertising before deciding to have 4 children in 6 years!
Claire was the original creator and co-fouder of the very successful Life InStyle Trade Fair (which is on in Melbourne this week), and established the first curated gift and homewares event in Australia, all whilst she was a young mum. She also has a beautiful voice and will break into song at any given opportunity!

What makes you want to get up and dance?

Claire always wants to get up and dance, most of our friends and family get a daily broadway show if they pop in! She is an amazing entertainer and always has a house full of guests, so I would say, being surrounded by her people, a glass of wine with friends, or a night at the theatre.
Dianne was more of a get up and do Step Reebok kind of gal back in the day, but now she’s more likely to be found with camera in hand taking pictures of everyone else dancing.

What are your favourite White & Co pieces?

Well the entire White & Co range is all very ‘us'. We love black and denim, but will mix it up with muted earthy tones like khaki, grey, tan and navy. White & Co has us completely covered with all the fabulous layered pieces that we wear day to day.
The Jac + Mooki range, Sundry for the weekend, and we both wear the gorgeous luxe linen tees under everything.
Claire loves the Sticks and Sparrow sunnies, while Di can’t get enough of the crazy comfortable Harper Skinny Capri Pants.

And we do love the Scarves, Claire would rock the blue and grey leopard print one, and Dianne the blue with grey stripe.
We often have to check what the other is wearing before we meet up as we tend to dress quite similarly!

We also have the Flax Mugs in our studio for our afternoon cuppa. They often get hauled off to last minute shoots as a prop!

Some of Two Fold Project's work...

You can follow Twofold Projects work on Instagram and shop their favourites here


Posted on June 23, 2017


I’m super excited to be escaping the cold Melbourne Winter and going on holiday with my family. Below are some of the pieces I’ll be packing for my travels…

The Brighton Tee
I love this v-neck. Simple, flattering and adds freshness to any outfit.
The Saturday Sweat
One of those great pieces that can be thrown over everything and is just so comfortable!
Weekender Pants
One of my favourite travel pants. I love the slight drop crotch and how easy they are to dress up or down.
These sneakers in White Leather are an absolute fave! Perfect for everyday, whether it be strolling a market, a barbecue lunch or relaxed dinner.
Linen Towel
Perfect for the beach or by the pool. A lightweight linen towel with a gorgeous soft feel.
Linen Slouchy Bag
My 'go to' bag for travel, work, the gym or just running errands.

Posted on May 19, 2017


This month we sat down with the very talented, very busy and very lovely Annabelle Jamieson from Bendo Products.   
Who are you and what do you do?
Who am I? I wear many hats….
In order of importance:
-Amazing wife (my husband is proof reading this)
-I am mother of 3 gorgeous boys Jackson 11, Mac 9 and Jesse 4.
-I am small business owner. 2 years ago, with the help of my talented husband, we started Bendo. A gifts and homewares wholesaling business specialising in all things made from wire. We design everything ourselves and have a lot of fun doing it. Bendo is all about offering fun and practical gifts without the hefty price tag. It’s our creative outlet and something we can achieve and work on together.
Am I happy with my work / life balance?
Overall my life is very full but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I like to be busy and I love a bit of chaos. At the end of the day I also like to put a good meal on the table – sometimes this can be a challenge.
Tell us something about yourself that would surprise people.
I’m no good with surprises.
What makes you get up and want to dance?
A Friday Night! Knowing the weekend lies ahead! Great wine, good friends and seriously good dark chocolate. All these combined and I’m in heaven!
What are your favourite White & Co pieces?
Ooh Krissy’s made such a great selection this is the toughest question!
I have a very relaxed wardrobe. Comfort is key, and I LOVE my:
1. Idaho Pull on Pant
2. Spring Court Sneakers
3. Organic Crew LOVE Jumper

Posted on March 31, 2017


Our Marketing Director, Chrissie, shares her favourite looks for work and the weekend...

 At work, I like to keep my style pretty relaxed . Our Organic Cotton Perfecto Tank feels amazing against the skin. I love it layered it under The Sunday Knit with Miranda Black Skinny jeans and just a little white showing at the hem. My new Springcourt Leather Sneakers work back with everything and the leather gives them that slightly more polished look - perfect for the office.


My Linen Slouch Bag comes with me everywhere. It’s the perfect size for running around to kids sport and picking up weekend necessities like fresh flowers for home. Saturday mornings call for easy comfort but I still want to look good so my Denim Slouch Pants and Spot Knit are perfect. The pants flatter in all the right places and the lightweight cotton in the knit is ideal for this trans seasonal weather.

The Camille Tee with its lace panels is my go to for dinner with friends. I let this gorgeous top do the talking by teaming it with fine gold jewels, a leather legging and my The Goods Co Clutch. Although I have to admit, it looks just as good with jeans and a sneaker so gets quite a few Monday to Friday outings too!

Shop Chrissie's favourite looks here

Posted on February 28, 2017


Meet Krissy & Chrissie! When Krissy (with a K) decided to launch White & Co she brought Chrissie (with a C) in as her Marketing Director. Well they discovered they had even more in common than their names and a love of fashion and homewares, they also had children of the same age. The kiddies thought it would be fun to interview these two for our first birthday and well quite a few laughs were had….

Zoe: Why did you chose the name?
Krissy: White has always been one of my favourite hues, my married name is Whitehead and I live in White St. It seemed the obvious choice!

Zoe: Do people get confused having two Krissy/Chrissie’s?
Chrissie: Yes they do! Sometimes we’ve responded to emails as each other. It doesn’t help that we are both blue eyed brunettes.

Will: Chrissie, what is it like working with my Mum?
Chrissie: It’s lots of fun! Not only do we share a similar aesthetic and ideas about a lot of things, we have the same work ethic. Emailing each other at 11pm is pretty common!

Leo: Why did you choose to sell fashion?
Krissy: Because I could never find what I wanted (and would hear the same from friends) so set about sourcing good quality basics and classics that my customers could keep in their wardrobes for years to come.

Will: What’s the hardest thing about doing White & Co?
Krissy: Balancing work/life balance just as every Mum finds. As anyone who has their own business knows you never switch off. We’ve been blown away by the rate of growth in the last 12 months (employing new staff and moving into a bigger space/new showroom) which has been really exciting but at times felt all consuming.

Zoe: What’s the favourite thing about having the business?
Krissy: I love buying and sourcing new products - I get so excited when I discover a new piece that White & Co customers will love. I also really love working for myself and the flexibility this brings - long hours but on my own terms.

Will: What’s going to happen in the next year?
Chrissie: Expanding our fashion accessories, more overseas travel to source unique products and some surprises that we can’t quite mention just yet!

Leo: Who is the newest staff member?
Krissy: Ted, our four month old Cavoodle, but seriously my husband Pete and the kids were such a great support when we started out. Without their patience (and Pete’s help with setting up our warehouse) we wouldn’t be where we are today!

Krissy & Chrissie

Zoe asking all the hard hitting questions

Will had some interesting questions for his Mum

Will and Leo have become good friends




Posted on November 26, 2016


Want to know what's on our Director, Krissy's' wish list this Christmas? Read on to find all her favourite stylish picks for under the tree this season...

T R A V E L   E S S E N T I A L S

White Tailed Tank, The Goods Co Navy Suede Clutch, Cereal Paris Guide, Navy Tailed TeeCoast Beach Mat, Marble Jewellery TrayBecksondergarrd Scarf

 F O R   H O M E

Grey Felt Basket, The Kinfolk Home, Flax Mugs, Wooden Serving Board

 F A M I L Y , F R I E N D S , T E A C H E R S

Coast Beach Mat, SOH Coconut & Kaffir Lime Candle, Huxter Christmas Soaps, Mens Wash Bag

 S U M M E R   M U S T  H A V E S

Catherine Murphy Striped Dress, Spring Court Sneakers

 F O R   S T Y L E   L O V E R S

Menu Salt & Pepper Grinders, Chanel Coffee Table Book

Shop Krissy's Christmas Wish list here 

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