Meet the Mums of White & Co.

At White & Co, we love mums. Endlessly loving and hardworking, mums are truly amazing. To celebrate these everyday heroes, we’d like to introduce you to some of the incredible mums that keep White & Co running and make it a wonderful place to work.

Here they are shot together with their beautiful daughters. For the shoot, the daughters, who were dressed by their mums as kids, undertook a role reversal, styling their mums up in our latest arrivals. See their looks below and find out what these daughters really think about their mum’s style and why they love them so much.

Susie & Grace


As Online Operations Manager of White & Co, Susie is a vital (and very busy) member of our team. Of course, her hard-working nature is far from her only great attribute. She’s also incredibly kind, loving, fun, and an amazing mum.

“It’s so hard to decide what I love most about my mum,” says her daughter Grace. “There’s so much to love! Obviously, her love is always nice, but she’s also an amazing cook. I love her cooking! And she’s my best friend, so I guess there’s everything to love about her.”


Always willing to help others, Susie can often be found lending a hand in our warehouse and generally supporting the team where needed. Thankfully, her hands-on approach never keeps her from looking stylish at work.

“My mum has a very classic and timeless style,” muses Grace. “It’s definitely something I would aspire to when I get to her age. She also has a very good eye for some funky pieces that I like to go and steal from her wardrobe when she’s not around.”

“My mum’s style has definitely influenced mine. Mum has always steered me in the direction of things that are flattering and beautiful rather than necessarily the latest trend or fad. I like to think that I’ve carried that on from her.”

When choosing her mum’s outfit for the shoot, Grace stayed true to her mum’s signature colour: navy.

“Her outfit she is wearing today looks stunning on her. Look at her! She looks good in anything but she does rock the navy. I think the high neck is a little bit different from her normal style but she looked great in it.”


Krissy & Zoe


Running a major business like White & Co and raising two kids can be a hard juggle, but owner and Director, Krissy certainly makes it work. And, what’s more amazing, she does so with a smile on her face!

“What I love most about my mum is her personality,” beams Zoe, Krissy’s youngest. “I love it how she’s always happy in every room. She’s living life to the fullest and always smiling. She’s ready for anything!”

As the creator of White & Co, Krissy naturally has a love of style.

“My mum’s style means a lot to her,” Zoe agrees. “Some days it’s not colourful and some days it is, but she’s always feeling her outfit. She always loves her outfit and does a really good job with what she wears.”

For this shoot, Zoe dressed her mum in a Clarity Cardigan and Junko Denim Jeans.


“I think her outfit really shows who she is. It’s similar to what she wears day-to-day. Minimal and nice. And her hair’s looking very nice!”

Zoe, who wore an Est 1971 jumper for our shoot, often looks to her mum for fashion advice.

“Her style has influenced how I dress a lot, a lot! I don’t really dress out there much or wear lots of colours. I like to play it cool like mum.”

While Krissy and Zoe have a wonderfully close relationship, Zoe did let us in on a little secret about her mum…

“She was really nervous about what I would say.”


Kerry & Paris


Kerry, our fabulous Customer Service Manager, is a vital link between White & Co. and all of you (some of you may have even spoken to her via email or phone!). Always happy and helpful, she loves what she does and is amazing at it. Carrying that attitude through her whole day, Kerry is just as positive and supportive at home as she is at the office. Her daughter Paris says it’s one of the things she loves most about her mum.

“What do I love most about my mum? Oh my god, there are so many things! Her honesty, her loyalty… She’s so supportive and just loves everything and will give everything a go. She’s such a great mum, honestly. I wouldn’t be who and where I am today without her.”

While Paris may have inherited her mum’s beautiful personality, her style couldn’t be further from her mum’s.

“To be honest, in comparison to me, her style’s a bit boring,” jokes Paris. “But, no, she dresses very well. She’s definitely got a cool style, it’s just not my style! She’s a bit more sophisticated whereas I try to be more fun, colourful and out there. She’s definitely got a good style for herself, though.”


While their styles differ, Paris does always appreciate her mum’s opinion.

“While her style hasn’t influenced me much, I will say that she’s got a really good eye for things. When I go to buy something, she’ll let me know what she thinks is good and what’s not. She’s very honest, which is helpful.”

Giving her own fashion advice to her mum for this shoot, Paris chose a nice pop of green for Kerry.

“Her outfit today was so good. I was so happy with what she wore. I thought she was going to say no but then she actually loved the green! The look was definitely different from what she normally goes for, but I liked it a lot.”


Michelle & Izzy


Our in-house stylist and content creator, Michelle, is known around White & Co HQ for being super stylish, but does her daughter Izzy agree?

“She’s pretty cool, and on-trend, which is good. It’s lucky to have a mum that’s on-trend! She’s not too embarrassing,” Izzy teases. “She dresses for her age but isn’t afraid to experiment with different colours and patterns. She likes to see what the trends are and then alter them to make them her own.”

“Her style has definitely influenced mine. I’ve always just been a bit more outgoing with my style because of her, and have also had an interest in fashion because of her love of style. I’m not very shy with what I wear and I like to go outside the basic trends. She’s shown me places to buy clothes that are different. Pieces that you can layer and not just wear plain.”


While Michelle’s great sense of style is without a doubt something we all love about her (have you seen her outfits on our Instagram!), she’s also an amazing person. Around the office, she never fails to make us all laugh with her antics and smile with her friendly, positive attitude. At home, it’s no different.

“My mum is very generous and kind and she doesn’t care what others think. She’s always herself and always inspires others, like me and my sister, to be ourselves. She also makes you believe that you can achieve anything you want to if you put your mind to it. She just always shows everyone that you need to be kind to people and treat others well but also be yourself and follow your dreams.”


At White & Co, we stock styles that are loved by mums and daughters alike! Offering style, quality, and comfort, our range is something everyone can agree on.



Product Listing

Susie wears Clarity Cable Knit, Mackenzie TankItalian Star Jeans, & G2 Slam Organic Canvas Sneaker.

Grace wears Hi-Lo Knit Jumper, Viola Straight Jeans, Stripe Mackenzie Long Sleeve Tee & Kobi Sneaker.

Krissy wears Clarity Cardigan, Fifi Tank, Junko Denim Jeans, Washed 73 Canvas Sneakers, & Lucia Cross Body Bag.

Zoe wears Side Zip Frayed Anchor Windy & her own jeans.

Kerry wears Pumbula Vee Neck Crew, Fifi Tank, Italian Star Jeans & Classic Canvas Tennis Shoe.

Paris wears Comfort Cardi, Fifi Tank, & Superga 2750 Sneaker.

Michelle wears Agnus Coat, Megan Long Sleeve Top, Sunday Coated Jogger & Kobi Sneaker.

Izzy wears Classic Windy, Viola Straight Jeans, Classic Canvas Tennis Shoe & Ruby Sports Cross Body Bag.