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Leoni Plus Size

Fresh out of Melbourne Leoni Plus Size is a White & Co. favourite that offers simple but authentic styles for every occasion. They create fashion for the modern woman, which helps you to radiate a feeling of effortless beauty and chic.  

Leoni fashion is contemporary and flattering clothing at affordable prices which make it easy to achieve a casually chic wardrobe. The Plus Size Clothing selection offers everything from tops to a Denim Jogger that is perfect for the warmer months! These gorgeous pieces are lightweight yet excellent quality and make for an easy, relaxed outfit that still looks smart.

You can find the full Leoni Plus Size collection below, and you can add this page to your bookmarks for quick access to keep across the latest Leoni drops. White & Co. is keeping you in the know with the latest trends, ensuring your wardrobe never goes out of style. Find the best pieces for you below!

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