Tote Bags

The perfect carry-all, a tote bag is the ultimate handbag for days when you need to carry that little bit extra. Whether you're off to a day at the bach, heading to the gym, or need to transport your laptop to and from the office, a tote makes an excellent choice. At White & Co, we stock a variety of stylish and durable, women's tote bags. From classic canvas tote bags to jute tote bags and straw tote bags, we have it all. Find your perfect option right here!

What Does Tote Bag Mean?

A tote bag is an open handbag or shopping bag that does not fasten or do up at the top. This style of bag is perfect for carrying larger items that wouldn't fit in a smaller bag. Many women love tote bags for their easy accessibility, making it quick and easy to grab items out of your bag as needed. A great option for work, a tote bag can generally fit a laptop plus all your other essentials for a day in the office or an off-site meeting.

What are Tote Bags Good For?

Tote bags are available in a wide range of designs, materials and colours, meaning you can easily find one to suit your needs! For a day in the office, a leather tote bag makes a great choice. The added structure from the leather construction offers durability and protection for your laptop. Of course, work isn't all a tote bag is good for. We love a cute canvas tote for both shopping and the beach. Whether you're toting groceries or a towel and book, a tote bag makes a great option. And, it doesn't even matter if it gets a little dirty as most canvas totes can be washed! Likewise, a straw tote can be a fabulous beach addition or a perfect holiday choice. Thanks to its summery, vacation vibes, straw totes will lend any travel outfit a playful touch.

What is the Difference Between a Tote and a Handbag?

Handbag is a broad term that can encompass many styles, including totes. That being said, the typical handbag is a shoulder bag that features a long strap, zip or button fastening and pockets. A tote, on the other hand typically features a sing, open, carry-all design.

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